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About Us

NickMetrics is a top digital marketing agency that was established in 2017. We’re a team of dedicated digital marketing specialists that provides full-service digital marketing solutions globally.

NickMetrics helps businesses, websites, and clients with digital marketing solutions like:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing

NickMetrics serves as a benchmark for all top-ranked search engine marketing firms to help with digital strategies and the best potential leads going from your lowest hanging fruit to tapping all sustainable avenues. By adopting innovative and transparent proven digital strategies, we help you get leads that are also potential customers. And more customers translates to better profits and revenue. We help you find your best target audience with the help of a personalized inbound marketing strategy, geo-targeted ads, and demographically-targeted ads.

Our Goals

The aim of any organization in the 21st century is to gain visibility, and the same is true since the first businesses were set up in the first cities. To be successful, a business needs to be visible and, in particular, to its target audience looking for that product or service. We aim to help bring that visibility to your customers at the lowest possible cost. We’re experts at leveraging digital marketing products and services to our clients based on their needs and requirements. You don’t need to miss out on good opportunities, and you also need to consider the opportunity cost of increasing your budget for one avenue and not another.

Vision & Mission
Our Vision

NickMetrics helps brands and businesses elevate to the next level by adopting cost-effective next-gen technology and digital marketing solutions. 

Our Mission

To help organizations, businesses, and clients incorporate innovative digital solutions to existing frameworks to help expand their reach and improve their bottom-line by aligning your strategy based on your needs.

What do we do?

Nickmetrics is a digital marketing agency in Malaysia that helps curate digital strategies tailored to fit your business and help you get more exposure. Advertisers, publishers, websites, existing businesses, new ventures, entrepreneurs, and brands can generate more leads and grow their business. As part of our digital strategies plan, we specialize in optimization, and this means optimized content for search engines to increase engagement. NickMetrics provides specialized services that range from SEO, SEM, SMM, content marketing, Google Analytics, and influencer marketing to companies and brands to help them attain goal conversions and boost their metrics.

Converting a lead to a customer is a process that we help establish with you by picking up the lowest hanging fruit and then moving upwards. Targeted ads and successful targeted campaigns are blueprints for a continuous system. A business can reach a potential customer or a particular target audience across the globe, from anywhere in the world. Apart from cutting across continental barriers, we also help clients navigate intricate and complex policies stipulated by search engines. Your goal is our goal.

Core Business Services

As a digital and advertising agency, some of the core services we offer are:

  • Search Engine

  • Search Engine

  • Social Media

  • Content

  • Influencer