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How Can Nickmetrics Help Your Content Strategy?

We help your business by first analyzing what your needs are, and what content best suits your goals and objectives. (who is your target audience?)


Then, we help you evaluate what media, creative content, and marketing strategy work best for your product, service or website. This could be video, ebooks, blogs, podcasts, graphics, etc. (what is the best way to reach your target audience?)


We then curate high-quality web content for your website with a website designer. And this also extends to email campaigns, social media channels, etc. (how to reach your target audience?)


Follow up with quality leads generated as well as optimize your campaigns each step of the way. (how to keep your target audience engaged?)

Website And
Blog Content

We help you with great content for all your web pages that are optimized for search engines. We also help you include key Google Adwords that are trending and the best places to include them in. And having a blog is a great bonus as it helps you target your lowest hanging fruit.

We employ a bright team that works with our clients to help generate quality content. Our experts use the best SEO practices, search for the right titles, we test which title does best, including the right topics and keywords, format everything, etc. to ensure that you’re connecting with the right target audience.

Ebooks And White Papers
Ebooks and white papers are content marketing assets that help generate qualified leads and sales. At NickMetrics, our writers analyze and select an ebook topic that will appeal to your target audience. We focus on visual story-telling, making sure each content piece creates a maximum impact on the reader.

We approach drafting white papers with a research and data-driven approach. To make white papers more compelling, we use brand logos, colors, infographics and imagery. Our white papers serve as cornerstones of lead generation and help you maximize your return on investment.
Infographics And Asset Design

We design visually appealing infographics that transform complex data into creative solutions. We analyze what your needs are and work with you to design infographics based on your needs, be it small-sized or long-sized.

Our experts at this leading content marketing agency have the technical know-how to include 2D imagery, characters, illustrations, appealing icons into the infographic content. We always ensure to engage with your target audience and break down complex data into user-friendly content. You can stand out from the rest by delivering highly engaging and innovative infographics.

In addition to infographic creation, we also provide asset design services. Right from custom illustrations in blog posts to designing a clickable call-to-action-button, we can handle it all.

Email Marketing

We also create content with email marketing campaigns that help you attract new customers as well as retain existing ones. Did you know it’s almost ten times as expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing one?

With the right campaigns, content, offers, and solutions, email marketing can help drive in high-quality leads in the short-run as well as the long-run.