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Search Engine MARKETING


Search engine MARKETING for
gambling business

Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts include search engine optimization, content marketing, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion amongst others.

All these services will help your gambling sites improve to greater heights.

We help clients to take off time-consuming tasks off their hands so they will have more time for more important tasks.

With varied approaches to their unique businesses, we carry out statistical analysis for each account – making account management smarter, more pleasant, and more productive.

This includes managing client paid search account / campaigns to optimise their paid search account

Optimize your results, get more leads!

Our SEM services include PPC advertising so you will generate more leads to your business. With quality leads, you can expect your ROI to improve. Our clients will consistently see their ad clicks turn into revenue.

Our strategic approach maximizes advertising budgets for a steady and longer-lasting results in the noisy world of search engine.

Our experienced in-house team of SEO and PPC specialists have track records in optimizing ads to generate more traffic for our clients – helping you to target potential customers so you will see a difference in your conversion boost, lower cost per conversion, and steady increase of ROI.

No one business is alike the others. That is why it's important that we tailor our search engine marketing solutions for each client.

No short cuts, no cookie cutter approach because every business is unique.

At NickMetrics, we take the time to learn about your business and audience before designing a bespoke SEM strategy for your company. Achieve the visibility your business deserves, and position yourself as a leader in the gambling industry.

Search engine MARKETINGworks!

Want to enhance the online presence of your gambling business? You are at the right place.

At NickMetrics, we take your gambling business to the next level by providing comprehensive search engine marketing services (SEM). Whether you own a small or large business, we can help you generate higher profits out of it.

With a plethora of gambling sites available these days, it often becomes challenging to make a mark in the industry. This is where search engine marketing can help you.

It is an efficient digital strategy that can help you to make your gambling site visible in leading SERPs through paid search casino ads.

At NickMetrics, our experts follow a fully-integrated search engine marketing approach to help your gambling website gain traffic from search engines. We will design a bespoke search engine marketing strategy tailored to your specific requirements.

Setting Up


We will help you set up your online casino SEM campaign on Google Adwords, Bing ads, Youtube and other search engines based on your specific requirements. We will identify your campaign goals and create conversion tracking in Google Analytics.

Our professionals will also help you to geo-target your campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your gambling site at a minimum cost-per-click possible.



Low-cost, high-converting keywords are factored in. Words that your customers commonly use to search online. Our team will then set up a budget and manage pay-per-clicks keyword bids to help you maximize your profits.


and tools

Our highly trained and experienced professionals will help you set up campaign conversion and revenue tracking in Google analytics as well as other tools. This can help to get real-time data for optimization. We create reports to get API data from various devices and platforms to maximize ROI.

  • A
    Campaigns management
  • B
    ADS management
  • C
    extensions management
  • D
    bids management
  • E
    keywords management
  • F
    placement management
  • Campaign management

    We can help you to manage your SEM campaign more efficiently so that you can easily reach your potential customers and business objectives. Our team of experts has the AdWords gambling certificate required to give your brand an outstanding presence so that you can reap maximum benefits.

  • Ads management

    Want your business to grow fast? Get our experts to manage gambling and online casino ads effectively to help you exponentially grow your business through advertising. Get the ROI your business deserves!

  • Extensions management

    By using Adwords extensions, you can improve your online visibility. Extensions highlight important information such as store address, phone number, google rating or any additional links in your gambling website. Effective extension management can not only help you to get better click-through rates but also enhance the user experience.

  • Bids management

    With the right skills and experience, our experts will help implement the right bid management tactics to make the most out of your Adwords budget.

    We will make sure that you do not over-bid for keywords as it can affect your ROI. With us, you can get the best returns out of your investment.

  • Keyword Management

    Want to improve your brand awareness? Based on multifaceted methods of marketing solutions, Keyword Management takes the approach to discovering, analyzing, grouping and organizing large numbers of keywords. With these keyword data, we prioritize, collaborate and act on the database to build and optimize your PPC and/or SEO search marketing campaign.

    Our team of SEO experts makes use of advanced keyword management tools to monitor and analyze the key metrics for your gambling website, because every site deserves to be unique.

  • Placement Management

    Getting our gambling website in front of millions of searches can be a daunting task. With our Placement Management, we dive into the placement properties (including cost structure, flighting, and dimensions of placements) so your audience can see your ads. We will help you identify, plan and schedule your placements so you will get the best from your ad air-time.

    If you are looking for SEM services for gambling sites, look no further than NickMetrics. Our team will understand your requirements and delivers top-notch marketing solutions accordingly.

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