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Gambling SEO
Monthly Gambling SEO Plan

The monthly gambling SEO plan is a premium product composed of specialised techniques for establishing and implementing a formidable SEO campaign for gambling websites. With this product, you can count on authenticity and success as all steps are undertaken slowly and naturally. The manual nature of the process dictates a slow implementation process to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. The package is rolled out over a four weeks strategic process. Safely done by our SEO experts, no software used to build your backlinks, only manual work, white hat methods.

Full site optimisation + 1 page SEO ranking Each additional 1 page SEO ranking
$ 1500 / MYR 6200 per month $ 1000 / MYR 4150

Domain authority boosting

  • EDU backlinks
  • GOV backlinks
    1. Tier 2 backlinks

Full on-site optimisation

  • Keywords research
  • All pages meta optimisation based on each page target keywords
  • All pages open graph customization
  • All pages open graph images designs

1 Page Full Optimisation

  • Keyword research and planning
  • 10x keywords targeting
  • SEO on-site content writing
  • Custom on-page promotional audio design
  • Custom on-page promotional video design
  • Link buildings
    1. Content submission
    2. Tier 2 backlinks
    3. Audio submission
    4. EDU backlinks
    5. Link wheel
    6. Local citation
    7. Profile backlinks
    8. Social media posting backlinks
    9. GOV backlinks

Monthly Gambling SEO Plan

The gambling SEO plan comprises four main stages, each stage with its purpose and ultimate conclusion. The order in which you conduct these steps will determine the success or failure of your gambling venture.

Creating An SEO Plan For The Gambling Industry

As gambling online has become the favorite pastime for many individuals, they develop more gambling sites every day to take advantage of this market niche. These gambling companies tap into a vast potential customer base that knows very well what they want and how to get it.

With user-friendly platforms, interactive games, and competitive odds, some may even be tempted to visit several gambling sites before deciding where to bet. This scenario provides gambling websites an opportunity to compete against one another by attracting visitors through creative SEO techniques while ensuring that search engines send them a good amount of visitors every month.

While some may think that these SEO strategies are easier said than done, it is essential to note that gambling websites are not the only players in this game. The gambling market is somewhat crowded, and gambling SEO techniques require gambling sites to stand out among the sea of gambling websites that offer virtually identical services. As such, gambling companies must understand how they can use gambling SEO strategies (and their creativity) to rise above the rest.

Gambling SEO With NickMetrics

To help you remain competitive in today's gambling marketing environment, we created a month-long gambling SEO plan you can implement on your website with ease. Note that this SEO plan is for long-term goals, so this might not be your best solution if you desire immediate results. However, if you want to continually bring in customers for months or years down the road, this gambling SEO plan will be an invaluable tool.

Our gambling SEO plan has divided the process into four stages: research and analysis, content creation, backlinking and link building, and optimization. We crafted it to ensure you're constantly moving towards your SEO goal and that each phase is as effective as possible. Let's take a look at the gambling SEO plan stage by stage:

Contact NickMetrics For A Gambling SEO Plan

Now that we have outlined each step in our gambling SEO plan, it is time for you to decide whether or not this gambling SEO strategy is right for your gambling website. If you feel like the strategy is a good choice, don't hesitate to contact NickMetrics.

Here at NickMetrics, we have years and years of cumulative experience in the SEO industry. We can help you come up with a gambling-friendly content plan, create an outreach strategy, and even launch a social media campaign as well. Contact us today for a consultation.

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