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These influencers have thousands, and sometimes millions of followers, but they're very different from traditional celebrities. Even though they have little relevance outside their industry, within it, they're usually very well respected and trusted, and they come off as a lot more relatable.

Chances are, you've never heard of popular Instagram influencer Sia Cooper if you aren't into fitness plans for post-natal moms. But this Instagram mommy boasts of a total of a whopping 1.1 million followers.

There are plenty of individuals like Sia all over the world, and ......

They Would Fall
Under a Very
Specific Category

These influencers have anywhere between a thousand to a million followers, but they are very well respected within their community. They are what, in the world of social media, we would refer to as a micro-influencer. They could be beauty gurus, travel bloggers, fitness models – pretty much anything that you would think of.

  • Beauty Gurus

  • Travel Bloggers

  • Fitness Models

  • Fashion Bloggers

Despite having relatively small followings, these micro-influencers more often than not have deep connections with their fans, who tend to view them as less of a detached commercial entity and more of a peer.

Stats show that social media campaigns see much higher rates of engagement and conversion with partner brands if the user has fewer followers. As their numbers go up, fans tend to engage with the brands they promote a lot less. Partnering with micro-influencers is a cost-effective option too. Remember, these social media influencers have hordes of devoted fans who admire or sometimes, worships them. And this is where our relationship with these stars begins.

Since they have the potential to influence their audience, their profiles are a treasure-trove of potential customers. By now, I'm sure you understand how beneficial influencer marketing can be. Find a proper influencer that is relevant within your industry, and you're all set.

A simple endorsement of a service or a product could lead to a boost in sales, like most fans, and your potential customers would completely trust and value their opinions. This clubbed with their close-knit community. You can see how this would be beneficial to any brand, especially small businesses.

There are several unseen perks to working with influencers, but finding the right ones to partner with is understandably difficult.

  • Which ones would have a following that would fit your criteria?
  • Would they promote your content in ways that would appeal to real people?

The multidisciplinary social media management team Nick Metrics offers a range of influencer marketing services.
Integrated Influncer Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Identification, Recruiting & Outreach.

    We determine what type of people your target audience would be following.

    This essentially means that we will find the right influencers that already fits perfectly with your specific industry and brand image. If done right, influencers with a decent number of followers could rake in sales for your business.

    We also establish what would appeal to this audience – the specific aspects that would encourage them to buy your products or engage your services.

    Your brand is being endorsed by a person or group of people whose opinion they value. And because they already fall into your target audience, there is a very high possibility that this would increase your engagement.
  • Additionally, it can also legitimize your brand in their minds, making you seem trustworthy and genuine. We make sure that you will be a match made in heaven, and your return on investment will be more than worth it.

    We also conduct a full influencer marketing program implementation, which means that you won't have to worry about a thing from conceptualization to execution stage.

    These types of promotions are very different from your regular old Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook ads. For one, they are not nearly as disruptive as traditional digital marketing methods such as display, pop-up, or pay per click ads.

    Users aren't as likely to be dismissive of them. I mean, let's face it - no one likes advertisements. When was the last time you clicked 'skip ad' as soon as you see it?
  • No matter how well done an ad is, they tend to get repetitive. Influencer campaigns, however, are different. They would look like any other post.

    They're nondisruptive, and at times so subtly and seamlessly blended into the creator's content that it doesn't seem like an explicit promotion at all. Since we also cover influencer content amplification, your promoted posts would be incredibly hard to dislike. Therefore, no matter what your business may do or what your business may stand for, regardless of how popular or niche, you will benefit from this type of digital marketing.

    We facilitate and assist content development with leading industry influencers. Only the best and authentic in the business. We filtered those out with fake followers and controversial scandals. So that you only get the best out of potential customers, and keeping up to your brand's standards.

    We trust your brand should only be endorsed by the best, thus increasing your credibility. That way, your target market would feel less like a paid endorsement, and more like an honest review.

    NickMetrics' carefully tailored social media marketing strategies will help you reach out to your audience with ease. You can now conquer your target market, and be the industry leader.