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MarketWatch, Dec 08th 2020, 12:00pm
NickMetrics Featured On MarketWatch

NickMetrics Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency In Malaysia

Dec 08, 2020 (WiredRelease via Comtex) -- Online transactions generate a large amount of qualitative data about consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. The concept of data-driven marketing is for brands to analyze this big data generated from these online interactions and engagements to develop strategies to grow their business. Successful companies have found ways to organize and apply this data into their marketing strategies to personalize their customer experience. In a Forbes study, it was identified that 66% of marketing data is used to focus on targeting offers messages and promotions. NickMetricsMalaysia’s leading digital marketing agency, uses a data-driven methodology to produce a deeper understanding of a brand’s customer profile to convert more leads.

It is known that the modern consumer will receive anywhere between 300 and 3000 marketing messages in a single day. However, that they can only retain a maximum of three marketing messages in their mind, in this ecosystem, if brands fail to deliver personalized content at the most critical, receptive moment for that consumer, they end up wasting a lot of resources and losing opportunities. With all this data available to brands through a data-driven strategy, marketers can pinpoint the exact moment that a message is most relevant to its viewers and then deploy content to the user at the most opportune moment.

Modern consumers have growing expectations from brands to provide them with relevant content and meaningful experiences associated with their brand. This is where building a robust data strategy allows brands to turn customer insights into action. High accuracy and speed are the most often cited benefits of a data-driven approach. Most senior marketers claim to see five to eight times more ROI when a campaign is backed by data-driven marketing. In such a hypercompetitive marketplace, data-driven marketing is the key to any successful brands’ growth. Companies that employ data-driven strategies are six times more likely to be profitable year after year. For brands to get a holistic view of the behavior of the customer, they must first focus on the integration of data and analytics from all available channels and sources. NickMetrics helps clients integrate all their data into a single platform for brands to measure and improve their strategies in real-time.

Brands must understand the nuances of their customer base. With a wealth of information about customer behaviors, marketers can easily segment their audience and then chart out the most actionable information about each consumer to develop personalized marketing campaigns for each segment. Marketers use data-driven marketing to generate a bounty of knowledge about customer purchasing patterns, browsing activity, social media habits, and real-time geo-location. The most popular companies use data-driven marketing to enhance customer experience and to improve their products and services. By basing more decisions on data analysis, and in turn, enriching the quality and completeness of the content promoted, brands seek to gain more new customers for their products. NickMetrics specializes in creating and optimizing a brand’s content and creative messaging.

There is a high demand for brands with customer-centric communication. Consumers are more receptive to marketing messages that relate to their exact specific needs. 75% of companies claim to see an increase in engagement with their consumers when they use data-driven marketing. There is a wide range of online tools for marketers to use for data collection from consumers. These could take the form of customer feedback, surveys, polls, third party sites, and many more. 57% of consumers are even willing to share their data with the brand in exchange for personalized discounts and offers. But in exchange, customers expect brands to engage with them and deliver solutions in real-time. Very few marketers can act this quickly to provide real-time, data-driven experiences across all physical and digital touchpoints, which becomes a legitimate challenge while using these marketing strategies. Monitoring consumer’s social media activity and browsing patterns give brands more in-depth insight while developing marketing campaigns. NickMetrics allows clients to build more meaningful engagement with their customers by consistently incorporating customer feedback into bettering their product.

Consumer behavior and trends shift regularly, and hence, periodic monitoring of data is required to truly understand the cause for a spike in negative or positive interest in a brand. This process, however, requires collaboration between all marketing teams to monitor and test the results of the data closely. NickMetrics provides brands with a one-stop solution to organize big data and make predictions about future behavior. Some effective data-driven strategies that NickMetrics offers include customer journey analysis, A/B testing, website personalization, segmentation, multivariate testing, and expert usability reviews. These evaluations will ensure real clarity for the brands’ target audience.

One common criticism of data-driven marketing campaigns is the lack of data quality and completeness. 33% of the world’s senior marketers agree that having the best software and technology to collect data is essential to see the best results of data-driven marketing. This is often because of shallow assessment of the data and inefficient translation into campaigns. That is why organizations must select verified third party agencies to collect and analyze data for them. One study by the CMO Council showed that an inadequate budget was listed as the biggest huddle for marketers to kickstart their data-driven strategies. The key to growing your business with data-driven marketing is to plan continually, test, analyze, iterate, and then deploy any strategy developed. Here is where NickMetrics can help brands utilize datasets to assess the brands’ key focus areas when developing marketing strategies. Making brands more consumer-friendly is at the core of this digital marketing agency.

In today’s highly competitive world, data drives a majority of marketing decisions. Smart businesses would have to create marketing strategies that are responsive to the changing needs of the modern consumer. NickMetrics’ innovative technologies for data analytics, creative production, and automation have led to a transformation in digital marketing strategies that truly resonate with consumers. NickMetrics provides clients with all the resources required to help them assess where to allocate market resources and develop content that maximizes ROI.

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