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New Straits Time, Jan 25th 2021, 03:56pm
NickMetrics Featured On New Straits Time
KUALA LUMPUR: NickMetrics Group recently announced its foray into the insurance sector with an investment in Fincrew, an online auto insurance platform.

The company had in October announced a US$1 million in Fincrew and launched the platform, making it a one-stop-shop for every auto and car insurance buyer's needs. The company said with the investment in auto insurance, Fincrew was now a part of the strategic investment group and NickMetrics portfolio.

Fincrew is an online auto insurance platform where potential insurance buyers get to compare policies, get quotes, and make an insurance purchasing decision online. Insurance buyers can compare, modify, and buy an insurance policy or multiple policies, in under three minutes from start to finish.

NickMetrics seeks to leverage its position as a digital marketing leader, with experience in building brands and scaling up businesses organically and inorganically to help every Malaysian have access to insurance at the click of a button.

NickMetrics founder Nick Lai said most Malaysian motorists were either underinsured or uninsured altogether.

"The insurance market in Malaysia (and Asia) is still in its nascent stages and with the help of Fincrew, every individual will have access to insurance that best fits their needs from multiple providers and in a matter of minutes.

"Not only will this help develop the insurance sector, but will also contribute to the auto and financial sector with the impetus for newer insurance policies and products in a competitive market (meaning lower prices as well)," he added.