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Hi, I’m Nick Lai
Managing Director

A Writer and Entrepreneur

As a writer and entrepreneur, this chronicles my journey so far, where I am and my future plans.

Where It All Started

I was born in Malaysia, and I've lived in the country all my life. I've always had a desire to write at a very early age. It was always a passion during my years of receiving formal education, but I discovered that it was something I not only liked but was also quite good at. However, before fully delving into writing, I had quite a few adventures. I kick-started my first online venture with two partners back in 2009. The venture was for an online affiliate program, and it lasted for two years. After my first partnership ended in 2011, I went on to form another one with an online design and development firm the following year. This particular program lasted four years, and it was quite successful for me as it was where I made my first million. But I always felt I wanted to do more, so I turned back to writing, and it has been one delightful journey so far. I started out handling small tasks like basic topic research, handling content strategy planning, and editing texts and manuscripts. This continued for quite a while until something happened to change my perspective on all things writing.

Getting Where I am Today

Neil Patel and Robin Sharma. Everything changed with my writing career after I was opportune to attend a Neil Patel conference on digital marketing. It really changed my mindset towards writing. It opened my eyes to the vast potential of digital marketing. I was hooked after that. I had to know more. So I attended yet another conference, and gradually, I started building the foundations for an exemplary digital marketing agency. If Neil Patel set me on the path to fully optimizing the potentials of digital marketing, then it was Robin Sharma who showed me the wonders of self-improvement through his books. It all inspired and assisted me in setting up the current full-service Digital Marketing Agency,, in 2016.

Since the inception, we have grown to three (3) offices–Malaysia, Hong Kong and India, with over 48 employees. Today, NickMetrics is a group where we are the majority shareholder in a successful white label software house, used cars showroom, restaurant and bar, and even insurance start-up. NickMetrics Group has come a long way, and I'm not stopping there. We’re about to set up a new venture about personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines, and we look forward to deploying around 100 machines all over Malaysia by 2021.

In The Works

Beyond handling the marketing campaigns (sports, business, marketing, and lifestyle), I'm not only the founder of these brands, but also an avid author for,, and Nickmetrics blog. Honestly, there's still so much out there I plan to try out, but it's all in the plans. Through writing and any entrepreneurial adventure I take on, my goal is to change the world. I plan to become even better, not just professionally but also personally–and writing gave me the voice to reach out to the world.


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