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Telemarketing Lead Generation

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Telemarketing Lead Generation

A lead is essentially a person who would potentially be interested in what your company has to offer – your products or services. A lead would have in some way previously expressed interest in your business, and so contacting them would typically yield more positive results. At a basic level, leads are those individuals within your target audience that display the highest levels of interest in your business, those people who would react positively to your company.

Lead generation is all about finding potential leads, telling them about your company, and directing them right to your doorstep. Since we have already established that they have a high level of interest in what your business has to offer, there might be an excellent chance that they could be converted into customers.

Lead generation could be more effective than mass marketing. Just putting out an ad in a newspaper or online and hoping that it would resonate with someone doesn’t work. Lead generation is much more effective, especially if you run a niche business.


NickMetrics will help you generate leads to increase consumer interest, and improve your business growth with the help of telemarketing lead generation.


First, we segment the general population to find your target audience and find only the best leads for you. This includes people who are interested in your products and services. Based on your target audience and the industry you operate in, you target these leads via landing pages, ads, emails, etc.


Next, our dedicated telemarketing team gets in touch with these potential customers with unique and personalized campaigns. These campaigns are designed to explain everything your company has to offer to raise awareness and generate interest.


Lastly, if the potential customer is interested, we send them over to you, so that they can experience what you have to offer, first hand.

The best part is that you will not be charged for an unsuccessful lead. We follow a pay-per-lead policy which means that we receive a commission only if we send a customer over to you. This way, there are no false promises or unnecessary, unaffordable investments. You pay for what you get.

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